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Log-Master Saw Difference

Log-Master’s products are a better value than any other on the market today and here is why.

1. Log-Master builds the heaviest sawmills on the portable mill market. The performance of a sawmill is directly related to amount of steel and hydraulics built into that machine. That is why we use 3” x 6” x 1/4” steel in the main side rails of our large mills 3” x 2” x 1/4” steel tubing in the head rigs and 6” x 4” x 1/4” steel for the “C” Frames that carry our 30” diameter bandwheels. All of our trailer cross members are 9” x 2” x 1/4” thick. Usually our sawmill trailer alone will weigh more than the competition’s entire sawmill.

2. Log-Master sawmills outweigh the competition depending on the model from several hundred to several thousand pounds. Example: Our smallest model, the LM 1, weighs 1,400 lbs. The biggest competitor comes in at around 944 lbs. In the large mill bracket, the LM 6 weighs over 8,000 lbs. The competition comes in around 5,200 lbs.

3. All of the Log-Master sawmills have a built in blade lube system that is part of the head rig on the sawmill. The lube system is designed to lube both the in-feed and the out-feed of the saw blade system. The competition uses a bucket and it is an option on most sawmills. They make you buy the lube bucket.

4. All of our diesel mills use either a Caterpillar or a Cummins diesel engine. The competition uses whatever they can get the best deal on. Now comes the problem of where will you get service on these off-brand engines. With our Caterpillar and Cummins engines, the service rep. comes to you with just a phone call. That is not the case with other engine companies. In most cases these off brand engines will have to go to wherever that engine company has a rep. It is usually far away. With Caterpillar or Cummins powered mills, the engine company has dealers in most small towns across the US and has a
presence in almost every country in the world. We will continue to use the tried and proven best engines on the market today. We are not interested in trying to cause a problem where we don’t have one.

5. We use solid steel bandwheels that are 30” in diameter and all are balanced and crowned. We use these 30” diameter wheels on all of our mills except the LM 1. On the LM 1, we use 19” solid steel band wheels that are crowned and balanced. We use the largest and heaviest bandwheels of any manufacturer in the portable business. Our wheels weigh up to 120 lbs. each.

6. Log-Master uses a NO SIDE LOAD SYSTEM on ALL of our sawmills. This is a WRAP AROUND BEARING SYSTEM that completely eliminates side load on the sawmill. All bearings shafts run from 2” to 2 5/16” diameter on both sides of the bandwheel to eliminate side load pressure. We have never had a bearing failure on this system. The competition across the industry uses bearing systems that permit side load and lead to early bearing failure. These are bearing setups that are overhung on the front of the shaft and fail frequently. When you tension up a blade on this type of system you create overhung side pressure on the bearings and they fail.

7. Log-Master has the most precise blade tensioning system in the industry. We use hydraulic pressure with a visual gauge to strain the blade up to a precise PSI on all of our mills larger than the LM 1. There is no guess work here. We set the mill up during the manufacturing process using a tension meter. On the LM 1 we use a Torque wrench to precisely set the tension at 50 ft/lbs of Torque.

8. On Log-Master sawmills all hydraulic front dogs, back dogs and hook turners are HEAT TREATED and operate up and down on hydraulic cylinders that will press 7000 lbs. each. Most competitors use side elevating back dogs made of 1/2” plate metal. These things bend easily and have little power to move a log and clamp it properly.

9. Log-Master uses an industrial chain turner on the LM 4 and LM 6 sawmills and it is optional on the LM 2. This is the most powerful chain turner on any portable sawmill made in the USA today. To drive this monster we use the final drive planetary gear system used on skid steer loaders. This system develops over 16,800 inch pounds of torque. The system operates bidirectionally and is variable speed. When it touches a log, the log turns. Most portable sawmill companies use a small and weak hydraulic motor turning a small chain. Most of these mills do not have the strength to turn a 36” x 24’ long log that may weigh upwards of 5000 lbs. per log. Many are nothing more than a bicycle chain on a weak motor running on 1/2” bar stock. They work fine on small to medium logs but can’t hack it on a really large log. They will stall out under pressure.