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  • Customer Testimonial, LM 4

    Customer Testimonial, LM 4
    It's been nearly 5 years since I purchased my LM-4. Just thought you'd like to know it's still running like it did day one, well, actually better than day one as I have a lot more skill than I did then. Have noticed the owners of other brand mills get quiet when they learn that I own a Logmaster. I actually got chastised on the Forestry Forum web site for telling others how happy I am with my machine. The owners of those orange colored mills are all talking to each other about how to fix this problem and how to fix that problem, all the while my LM-4 is cutting, and cutting and cutting. Did I mention it's cutting? Perfectly. You guys build a really tough, accurate, reliable machine and after five years, I'm glad I bought a Logmaster. Whatever it is you're doing, keep doing it, because its working. Pete Conlogue, Chesapeake, Virginia.
    Customer Testimonial, LM-1
    I finally got to use my mill with the new trailer yesterday and today sawing some Post Oak and Pine.I have to say that sawing lumber has never been more enjoyable. The new scale for trailer sawing is spot on and the 4/4 lumber I've been sawing is very consistent in dimension. No problem with the blade either. In fact, I'm still sawing with the new blade that y"all put on it with the new trailer up-grade. While I haven't done any mobile sawing with the new trailer yet, the trailer is already a huge up-grade. The height of the bunks makes handling the lumber easier on a 69 year old back and set up of the mill was a snap. I'll be pulling it to a friend's place in about three weeks to saw up some Walnut logs we have stacked and waiting. I'm already looking forward to a great time using a great little mill. Thanks for the fine work you folks did on my mill. Cody Colston, TX.
    Customer Testimonial, LM-1
    I bought an LM-1 last summer. Absolutely love it. It's much more machine than I expected, especially for the price. Cut a lot of hardwoods; Oak,Ash,Cherry The LM-1 just sings. If you want to use me as a reference, feel free. Walt Davis, Lebanon, OH.
    Customer Testimonial, LM-4
    A YouTube comment from Nolan Hicks. I've had my LM-4 for over 5 years. IT'S NOT FOR SALE.
    Costomer Testimonial, LM 4
    Well.... Now it been 7 years since I purchased my LM4. It is still running just like new. I have still had no problems or down time with my mill. It's been a year and a half , maybe two since my last post and I'm still tickled to death with this machine. It has operated flawlessly since I took delivery in 2006.
    I get phone calls and emails from strangers wanting to buy my mill. IT IS NOT FOR SALE. And the owners of all the other brands of mills still get quiet when I tell them I own a Logmaster.
    It's a
    I have not had to request anything under warranty
    Pete C
    Chesapeake, VA
    Customer Testimonial, LM-4
    I bought my log master L M-4 used in 2011 after the wild fires burned my house down in Bastrop, Tx. I have been sawing for 2 yrs now and have quit my regular job pipe fitting and welding.I get a lot of customers because I am the only mobile mill in the area and I can cut longer length than anyone in the area, it will actually cut 25' I just finished 300 L.F. of 6"x 8" pine beams for the Bastrop county D.A. and now cutting 6"x 6" cedar for a church in Austin,Tx. and a trailer load of south Texas mesquite for my own use. The only issue I have had was the previous owner abused the mill, but being a welder by trade I repaired the mill and it cuts excellent lumber...love the Cat engine !
    - Sam R
    Customer Testimonial, LM 15
    After a very wide research we bought an LM 15 in the year 2010 and as of today we have every day a superb production without any problem, as a matter of fact we only need to change the bearings and the blade guide rollers once a year and that is a minimum amount of money to keep sawing every day, the Wood boards come out of the sawmill in almost perfect condition, probably we will buy one more logmaster sawmill soon to double our production.
    - Jorge Luis