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Thank you for your interest in Log-Master products. We are devoted to manufacturing top-quality sawmill blades and edgers designed to last many years. We do not build “timber toys” here at Log-Master. We build the heaviest and toughest sawmill blades and edgers made in America today. We have been building them in this manner for over 15 years. Log-master is well known for building machines that the competition has long envied and often copied. No company in the industry can touch Log-Master in quality or price. You read statements from other manufactures about their “massive 19” bandwheel or their “massive 3/16” trailer frames, and you get the impression that somebody is “blowing smoke”.  The truth is that the standard trailer on one of our sawmills often weighs more than their entire sawmill.

Log-Master has long been know for industrial innovations such as the first to use John Deere, Caterpillar and Cummins industrial diesel engines on portable sawmills and edgers. Log-Master started the trend of putting large diesel engines on sawmills to increase the production. We are the only company to develop and use hydraulically driven band wheels to drive the “30 inch solid steel bandwheels.” We use this system on our 85 HP Cummins turbo diesel model LM 6 sawmill. On our sawmills there are NO small 12 volt DC motors which burn out frequently on other brands. We use only hydraulics to activate functions on the mill. When you touch a lever on a Log-Master machine, something is going to move every time. We build 6 models of sawmills and 2 models of edgers. Our edgers, like our sawmills, are the biggest and heaviest made in America and are all hydraulic. They are over 20 feet long and have 7 foot in-feed and 7 foot out-feed rollers. They all have hydraulic blade movement and weight 3,500 lbs. One of our edgers can keep up with 2 or 3 portable sawmills. When you compare apples to apples in sawmills and edgers, you will find that we will build you a more powerful machine than anything on the market today and it will cost you less and you will get more for your money! Compare and you will be pleased! We tell all of our customers that if they can find a bigger, heavier, more productive sawmill or edger at a lower price than we offer, then they should buy that sawmill because it will be a great sawmill.

The Log-Master model LM 4 sawmill is the work-horse standard of the portable sawmill industry. It is our most popular selling sawmill of the large mills. It weighs 7,500 lbs., with full hydraulics everywhere. It comes fully loaded to go to work today. Powered by a 51 HP Caterpillar diesel engine and the photo-quick setworks, with 30″ diameter bandwheels, this is a powerhouse machine that is 37 1/2 feet long, 8 1/2 feet wide and 11 feet tall. It is not a “timber toy” like the guys that use the word “massive”. This machine is really “massive”. It also sells for less that the guys with the “massive” toys. We build 6 models of sawmills and 2 models of edgers. We use solid steel (not cast steel) 30″ diameter bandwheels on all of our sawmills except the LM 1. These wheels weight 120 lbs. each. Thay are balanced and crowned. They will last a lifetime. On the LM 1 we use 19″ solid steel bandwheels. All of our mills are in high demand arounf the world. There is always a short waiting list to det one…but be patient, they are worth the wait.

We offer financing/lease purchasing for up to 5 years. We ship or deliver anywhere in the world. To esablish your place on the build list you need to only make a 10% down payment. Your down payment is fully refundable until we start building your sawmill. We invite you to tour our factory anytime. Call us at 800-820-9515 if you have any questions about our sawmills.

Thank you,

Edward Gibson
President. & CEO of LOG-MASTER
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