• LM 6 Bandsaw Blades
    Price: 65.00
    High Performance – Precise, Faster & Straighter Cut - Razor Sharp Ground Teeth. We sell this blade each or in packs of six (for 360.00). This is the standard blade for our LM 6 sawmill.
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LM 6 Bandsaw Blades

Uncompromising levels of uniformity in the set of the teeth allow for a blade that cuts straighter and cuts more efficiently. Even imperceptible differences in the set will result in a wider, less straight cut – creating a rough finish, more waste and less finished product.

Log-Master blades cut straighter and faster than any blade that’s gone before it, handling higher levels of feed pressure with ease. Each blade will work straight out of the box, with no further need for resetting before it can be used.

The finest finished product starts with the finest raw materials. Log-Master is crafted from high quality, carbon-rich Western European steel, developed with unique metallurgical properties to meet our exacting standards. It is also precision hardened and tempered to give the optimum balance between strength and flexibility. This results in a stronger, straighter blade, that will tolerate higher feed pressures, and cut more wood in less time than has ever been possible before.

Our welding process ensures that every band is perfectly joined and a pyrometer is used to ensure the optimum level of hardening and annealing is achieved, ensuring a super strong, yet flexible weld.

Unlike punched and sharpened or milled blades, each individual Log-Master tooth is ground using computer-controlled machinery. Punching teeth puts unacceptable levels of stress on the blade, before it ever gets used. The result can be reduced life, inconsistent performance and blades that often need to be re-sharpened before they can be put to work.

Log-Master offers unparalleled “out-of-the-box” performance. Grinding teeth is a more time-consuming and exacting process – but the results are sharper, more reliable and longer-lasting blades.

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